About Me


Before the days of cell phones and social media, I used to love nothing more than to pack a bag with my keys, a book, and a journal and walk to my favorite cafe, Bel Forno in Berkeley, California.

The walk to Bel Forno was one mile long, and I passed by gardens, old homes, and quiet churches. I loved the simple Sunday afternoons spent reading, writing, and dreaming about the future.

Today, Life is rarely that relaxed. Now I’m married, in my 30s, and live in fast-paced Silicon Valley. Still I find happiness in writing, reading, and photography. In 2010, I founded Poecology, a literary journal that publishes environmental literature. After teaching and editing for a few years, I settled into a nonprofit career as a Communications Director. Some days, I find myself hiking the trails with my camera or leading programs at a nature center. Other days, I meet with awesome teachers and students and I gather stories of why they love the natural world.

But deep down, I knew my lifestyle could use a jump start. And so, I started a journey to get more conscious about what I eat and how I spend my money. I started researching greener products and clothing, and greener ways of eating, traveling, and cleaning. I also started looking for organizations doing great work to promote sustainability. I found a treasure trove information! I started Love Being Green in 2017 to share my learning with all of you.

Love Being Green is just getting started, and we need your help. Like us on Facebook, share us with your friends, and contact us for advertising opportunities.

Thanks for joining this journey with me. Remember, it’s not about being perfect. It’s about loving who we are and celebrating the small things we can do to make the world better.