Argan Oil to the Rescue

During winter, my skin gets really dry. My hair dries out and gets brittle. Even during summer my hair takes a beating from the sun and daily swimming.

I became an Argan oil fanatic when I bought this 100% pure Argan oil from Radha Beauty.

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It’s a “carrier oil”, meaning it mixes well with other products. I add a few drops to my favorite shampoos and lotions. I also use it by itself as a leave-in conditioner overnight. I’m obsessed with how soft and strong it makes my hair.

There are a lot of Argan oil products on the market, so make sure you buy one that’s 100% USDA certified organic cold-pressed Argan oil, like this one from Radha Beauty.

A little goes a long way. If you’re looking to ditch the harsh chemicals and fragrances in your favorite conditioner, look no further.