Best Natural Body Wash

We started getting into Puracy Natural Body Wash when we were fed up with dry skin after showers. We received a gift of 100% Pure body wash and loved it, but the strong scent was too much. And so the research began!


Buy Online

My husband found Puracy online and was curious to test it. Puracy is much cheaper than 100% Pure and it is made in Austin, Texas, so we decided to give it a try. We bought a small bottle and my husband loved it. We no longer suffer from dry skin as often as we used to.

Puracy has a balanced blend of luxurious cleansers, moisturizers, and essential oils. This body wash softens and refreshes my skin without drying it. Since using Puracy, I don’t have to use as much post-shower lotion as I used to.

We buy this in the 64-ounce package because bulk packaging reduces plastic, water, and energy use by 90%. I care a lot about green packaging.

As a company, Puracy does amazing things. They donate a portion of each sale to less fortunate families and children. The artwork on their bottles is hand-drawn by local artists. All around, Puracy exceeds our expectations.