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5-Step Guide: Build the Perfect Solitaire Engagement Ring for Under $1,000

In my blog post, read about my search for the perfect diamond engagement ring, how I discovered Moissanite, and how I built my perfect engagement ring using ecofriendly Moissanite.

5-Step Guide:

Build Your Own EcoFriendly Solitaire Engagement Ring

Finding the Stone

  1. Purchase your loose Moissanite stone. I used MoissaniteCo and they were great.
  2. I selected a 0.5 carat stone because I have small hands and wanted a dainty look.

Finding the Setting

  1. Purchase your setting. I used Adiamor due to their excellent pricing.
  2. When adding your setting to the shopping cart, it will ask you questions about your stone: Would you like to add a center stone?” Click No. “Do you know the specifics of your center stone?” Click Yes.
  3. Enter the number of prongs, the carat weight of your stone, and the cut of your stone (mine was a round cut).

On Adiamor, there is a charge to buy the setting without a stone. For me, it was $37. I think it’s because they need to adjust the ring head to fit  your stone. That’s why it’s important to specify the correct stone size during check-out!

My finished ring:

My beautiful ecofriendly engagement ring

Total cost: $605. Read my cost breakdown here.


What I liked about working with Adiamor: They call to confirm the details of your order, and will tell you the timeline for production, shipping, and delivery. They are based in Los-Angeles. The customer support specialists were efficient and friendly.

What I liked about working with MoissaniteCo: Great customer service, transparency, and simple, no-frills packaging. The stone was perfect and came with an official certificate from Charles & Colvard.

Hot tip: When you purchase an engagement ring from Adiamor, you can take advantage of their Refer a Friend program to receive a discount on the wedding ring.

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