Wrapping Gifts in Fabric: The Art of Furoshiki

A beautifully-wrapped gift is an act of love. Giving beautiful gifts can fill us with joy. However, most gift-givers wrap presents using wrapping paper, tape, tags, and bows. A simple and equally beautiful alternative exists: Furoshiki, the Japanese tradition of wrapping gifts in fabric.

According to research, Americans spend over $3 billion on gift wrap every year. Instead, invest in Furoshiki fabric and use it year after year.


How to Wrap Gifts in Furoshiki Cloth

  1. Purchase fabric. The Furoshiki fabric I use in this tutorial can be found here. It is 19″ by 19″ and is perfect for wrapping smaller gifts.



I also use silk scarves. This one I bought at a thrift store to wrap a gift. The gift is a Magical Fish Friend which can be found here.




Styles of Furoshiki:


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