The Love of Plants

I have one Good Luck Jade in my 720 square foot home. It began as one leaf from a jade plant my grandmother owned for decades. It grew into a beautiful bonsai.


My father loves plants. At an early age, he taught me the importance of caring for plants in the home, and the benefits to the soul.

My father grows giant Good Luck Jades, which offer good luck, prosperity, and friendship. His green thumb is hard to describe until you see his beautiful collection. His oldest Jades are 15 years old.

Can you see my father standing behind his tallest Jade?

Jades can be grown from clippings, and they are easy to propagate. Before you know it, you will have a Jade tree and can share a leaf with a friend. That’s why they are also called the Friendship Tree.

What’s your favorite house plant? Share in the comments below.




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