Milk Paint

If you want to get serious with environmentally-safe paint, check out Milk Paint from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company, a small company based in Massachusetts. They make an all-natural milk paint that is non-toxic and has no VOCs. Conventional household paint contains VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that contribute to indoor air pollution and can cause health problems.

Old-Fashioned Milk Paint is great for furniture and kid’s toys, or anything that isn’t already painted.

Their SafePaint is the best choice for painting interior walls. The flat-finish paint comes in a powder form that mixes with water to create your desired quantity of paint. It goes well on top of older layers of wall paint. They have 20 pre-mixed colors, or you can make any shade lighter by adding their Snow White Milk Paint. At $50 per gallon, Milk Paint is definitely investment in an ultra-healthy living space.